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We Are at A Shift Change in Human Consciousness

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Leaders Take Note: The Future Of Organisational Design...

The evolution of organisational design is intrinsically aligned throughout history to shift changes in human consciousness. We are on the cusp of a conscious expansion and companies must position themselves ‘now’ to redefine a sustainable organisational structure into the future.

Performance driven organisations have achieved great things over the decades and advanced humanity as whole from putting a man on the moon to knowledge and purchases at your figure tips, to augmented reality, and of course generated massive economic growth. At an individual consciousness level, it has provided purpose by answering the question; “How can ‘I’ intentionally better myself?” However, this question is reaching its evolutionary limit and creating Divergence from the question our evolving civilization, in which business is an integral part of, now requires an answer to; “How can ‘We’ intentionally better each other, our society, and the planet?” The answer goes far beyond driving performance for profit maximisation purposes, which we know elicits short term decision making… It serves a higher purpose greater than one’s own self-interest… It fulfils a rapidly growing need for conscious capitalism in organisational decision making and has now become key to realising the enduring duty of a business; generating profit for its shareholders.   

Organisations must now tap into this shift from individual to collective consciousness... Performance driven organisations were designed to focus on WHAT ‘they’ need to ‘DO’, which is inextricably linked with people’s compliance to performance in order to determine results… Purpose driven organisations, led by NOVOFlow©, focus on WHO ‘we’ need to ‘ BE’, in order to achieve ‘WHY’ we do what we do; which is inextricably linked to the people’s commitment to contribution and value, the emerging determinants for better results.

The challenge is where to start the Convergence to a purpose driven organisation. Many leaders get caught up in the sheer scale of the organisation and may be overwhelmed by the enormity of task. At NOVO Leadership International we help you chunk it down and lead change from the inside out, bottom up, energising people and mobilising teams. We create massive momentum by disseminating higher purpose top down through micro cultures and emotionally intelligent leaders dispersed throughout the organisation, (not necessarily people in positions of authority, although this is where scale is achieved).

As stress goes up, passion goes down, the point where many organisations try to tap into Culture as the main driver for change… Whilst change may be necessary it cannot be done successfully at a Macro level. The buzzword ‘Cultural Transformation’ has been around for so long yet with no true definition to support it. The truth is you cannot change culture, you can only transcend it, or go beyond its current limitations.  Culture is born from the familiar past and focuses companies on their ‘Past Present Reality’. The problem with the familiar past is that it leads to the predictable future; more of the same where driving performance will no longer push the margins, nor evoke passion in individuals; only generate more stress.  

The shift from the Ego Purpose to the Collective Purpose can only happen when you raise and expand the awareness and emotional intelligence of the entire organisation.  By transcending, (or leveraging) culture you shift it from being a record of the organisation’s past to a map of its future through the methodology of NOVO LEAN Leadership©. You change the organisation from the inside out by changing people within the organisation from the inside out, cascading micro cultures that idealise collective experience and expectations at an emotive level to drive contribution and value bottom up. When aligned and inspired by the organisations higher purpose driven top down, supported by humanised systems, you focus the company on its ‘Future Present Reality’ and in so doing create a platform to continually disrupt the norm, excite the potential and close the creativity gaps... You create Emergence; Leadership as a vocation for everyone.  

This global business shift is part of a wider change that includes a far-reaching cultural, economic, and political restructuring of society, and modern leaders must become aware of the driving factors. At NOVO Leadership we consider there are 5 main factors that are influencing the shift from Ordinary Individual Consciousness to ‘Higher Collective Consciousness’:

Globalisation…  The people movement element of globalisation is no doubt fanning extreme right-wing politics due to the ‘perceived’ effect and erosion of cultural and national identities. However, Globalisation is fact… Interdependency of the world economy and ecology is fact, and if we underestimate its fragility, global indifference will become a detrimental fact… These same factors influence your organisation at a micro level and NOVOFlow© is designed to redefine and lead your cultural ecosystem into the future.

At a Macro level, humanity will outgrow its adolescence… Cooperation among nations will of necessity begin to transcend differences… At a Micro level teams within your organisation will outgrow Ego… Collaboration among team members will of necessity transcend culture and disseminate autonomy through the higher purpose of emotional collective experience.

Circular Economies… Combating climate change, recycling and transforming the energy system are core challenges for business, society and the environment. Millennials and Gen Z currently account for ~38%* of the workforce and in society are the main drivers behind these changes. In the next decade, that figure is set to shoot up to 58%*, making the youthful generations the most dominant in the workplace. The fact is that there are major ideological divides between baby boomers and Gen X at one end, and younger millennials and Gen Z at the other. Organisational design must reflect this and future proof NOW. Older Gens can continue to criticise Millennials and Gen Z commitment to work or adapt to get the very best out of them. Consider that 84%* percent report experiencing burnout from their excessive workloads compounded by the fact they do not feel aligned to the values or social governance of the company. NOVOFlow© shifts the emphasis onto self-development of the entire workforce and the ‘social’ and emotional intelligence of the culture providing a method of perpetual sustainable future growth.  [*Source: HBR]

Greed…  The fact that individuals in a capitalistic society happen to be greedy, does not mean capitalism is based upon greed. The economic exchanges in a capitalistic system are mutually beneficial and drive business. There is also a difference between selfishness and self-interest, but only where the self-interests of the company serve the individuals, each other and the greater good. However, at a micro level and in consideration of individuals within modern large organisations the shareholder drive for more profit tends to drive short term leadership decisions and strategies that may be perceived a selfishness. In other words, the transposition of such decisions usually manifest in a greater drive for performance management; Measuring harder, faster, longer will not put individuals especially those teams made of Millennials and Generation Z into higher purpose, which is of course the main driver of performance… There is a better way: NOVOFlow Performance Vortex©.

Digital Workforce…  From Industry 4.0 to the Digitisation of value chains and service offerings, data and analytics have become core capabilities. Treating these as models will dehumanise and therefore prevent the true potential... NOVOFlow© drives the cultural integration of such models, where human workers can focus on the digital innovations that create the pathway to regenerating all resources, (including regenerating the human workers of the future required to interact with smart factories).

Neuroscience… The current human shift in consciousness is a journey from Evolution by Chance to ‘Transformation by Choice’.  A shift that changes the way you think about yourself and your relationships with your emotions, other people, your career, your body and the world. As humans we are moving from 5 sensory to multisensory in line with the recent paradigm shifts and alignments in neuroscience, quantum physics and psychology.  Testing competing theoretical frameworks using a combination of neuroimaging techniques and advanced analysis procedures during different conditions has led to the initiation of such new sciences as Epigenetics, (beliefs can modify genetic expressions). Research in the cognitive sciences is leading us to a greater understanding of how to improve personal and leadership behaviours and effectiveness. NOVOFlow emc2 Leadership programs© focus on ‘Neuroleadership’ and ultimately creating the conditions for success in your organisation to shift the culture from fear to trust.

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