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The need for leadership and team development has never been more imperative. Companies of all sizes realise that to thrive in today’s unpredictable, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business ecosystems, they need leadership skills to drive organisational capabilities, in the realisation methodologies that achieved results in the past, will not do so in the future.

NOVO Leadership

Unlock The Untapped Value In Your Organisation...

Novo Leadership International’ are at the forefront of developing and delivering world class solutions that Energise, Mobilise and Connect Organisational Cultures through the Neuroscience of Vocational Leadership©.



Consciously or unconsciously, leaders put in place organisational structures, practices and cultures that make sense to them, that corresponds to their conditioning, paradigms, and way of dealing with the world.

This is compounded by the fact that most leaders are promoted into positions of relative incompetence, meaning promotion is awarded based on their competency to do their current job, with no forward preparation to thrive in the new position.

This means that an organisation cannot evolve beyond its leaderships stage of development...

Our systems are designed to create the platform to learn, 'EXPEREINCE' and continually develop leadership as a vocation for all. 

Leadership & Team Development / Career Coaching

Develop your organisations people and team engagement strategy; develop current leaders and talent pipeline to support future growth in a changing business environment.

Supported by Online Programmes & Psychometric Profiling

Cultural Realignment to Raise the Emotional Intelligence of the organisation.


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Executive Consultancy / Outsourcing Management

Cost effective ROI Partnerships for outsourcing executive oversite.

Operational Turnarounds / Expansion or Effectiveness Projects.

Acquisition Culture Merger & Leadership Analysis

Interim Management

Succession Planning Gap Analysis

Holistic Pathway to Industry 4.0.

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Progressive SME Growth Programs / Affiliate Partner Opportunities


Learn how to take yourself, your business, and your team to the next level through this comprehensive, real-world business, leadership, and management growth programme designed for SME business owner / directors and their teams to EXPERIENCE transformation through action-based strategies and supported implementation systems.

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The fact is that leadership cannot simply be taught, it must be experienced. It is a continual journey of self-discovery and not a destination. The effectiveness of that journey will depend on the internal foundations upon which it is based, and the cultivated path that it follows. Therefore for true potential to be realised the journey must start from within and be supported throughout the Leadership Continuum©:

Delivering High Performance People, Teams & Culture

Leadership & Team  Development Programmes With Blended Learning Implementation Support Systems

All programs are built on a modular system, meaning they are delivered bespoke in nature with degrees of cross over and differing starting points or flows dependant upon the individual or organisation needs. A proven consultation alignment process is used to determine applicable delivery. 

Delivered in-house or via interactive Zoom calls, where generally an agreed amount of coaching hours for individual or group format is drawn down over a 6 month period. A minimum 3 months is recommended to create the platform to effect lasting behavioural change....

The coaching sessions are generally augmented by group training events to align individually and boost cost effectiveness

Emerging Leadership Coaching

Leading Yourself

Energise People

We expect in the future the prerequisite to learn about you will become the foundation for all education systems and is currently the missing link in leadership development. Learning to lead from the inside out is the key to developing peak personal performance, the resilience and skills to lead others and to building the fortitude of character required to lead change.

Learn how to upgrade your mindset and shift from what I need to DO, to who I need to BE 


Best Suited For...

Those who are being groomed for leadership roles. 

Team members who are ready to step up from technical or other roles into supervisory or management positions, or have already done so without any leadership experience, and may also require generalised business knowledge.

Leveraging a platform for lasting behavioural change based on individual personal needs we engage individuals to take responsibility, ownership and self-accountability whilst developing cohesiveness, empathy, goals setting, self-discovery, self-regulation and relationship skills to develop self-accountable, responsible individuals. 

Career Leadership Coaching

Leading Others

Mobilise Teams

We expect in the future mobilising diversity will be founded upon creating cascading micro cultures aligned to the macro culture, and is currently the missing link in team development. Creating a platform to question the emotional reality and aligning a team to higher purpose provides the context to connect and contribute to high performance growth.

Learn how to enhance and shift people from the ego ME in a team, to the collective conscious collaborative WE as a Team


Best Suited For...

Management who require a motivation boost or change of direction to improve performance and team results.

Future superstars whom the company want to groom at the earliest opportunity to maximise their potential to execute at the highest level moving themselves, their teams and the company forward.

Some managers, directors or owner managers who want to advance their careers and require improvements in people skills, team building, conflict resolution, etc.

Some Senior Managers, Directors whom the company expects more from in terms of self direction, team or department engagement and self results.


Executive Leadership Coaching

Leading Change

Connect The Organisation

We expect popular dogma will change from "transforming" to leveraging cultures, shifting systems from company to human orientated, from a machine to a living eco-system, the missing link to closing the creativity gaps. Only people are 'living' energy though a record of their past. The map to the future contends purpose over profitability, where a coaching culture enhances performance and shareholder value.

Learn how to shift a project from a past present cultural reality to Future Present Reality and into FLOW


Best Suited For...

C-Class Exec’s, Senior Management who want to maximise personal potential and lead organisational change to establish more 'selfless collaboration, 'more passion for the customer,' 'increased employee engagement, 'servant leadership, 'better communication and cultural connection.

Those who are required to lead from the front and want to enhance their abilities to direct themselves & others or are tasked with managing major change projects and want to maximise results.

Some Owner Managers ready to make a step change in a ‘well established business’ but are unsure how or want to create an exit strategy or require succession planning.

Xponential Intelligence© (XQ) and Peak Performance Leverage© Systems

Integrated into all coaching programmes, discover your ability arouse in self, significant future meaning, to engage the internal reward system, to regulate, cognize and leverage emotions, and to minimise the refractory period from set backs or negative experiences... To maximise your energy, develop your relationship with time, leverage future choice and control the hormones of stress. With the tools and feedback mechanisms to apply it, and continually improve the exponential effects on performance and results by learning how to teach it to others.

By cultivating a coaching culture we raise the emotional intelligence of the organisation by infusing micro cultures with higher purpose and improve the Discretionary Effort of the entire team.

Xponential Intelligence (XQ) 

The X-factor For Success

Ability to manage, orient & leverage duality ambivalence for self actualisation:
Introspective - Extrospective

To Become More - Better - Sooner

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)   X  Motivational Intelligence (MQ)   X  Adversity Intelligence (AQ)

EQ. The ability to regulate, cognize and leverage emotions from higher consciousness to energise oneself and others.

MQ. The ability convert in self and arouse in others intrinsic significant future meaning to extrinsic goals, events, situations, communications.

AQ. The ability to minimise the refractory period from set backs when EQ and MQ are misaligned... How emotionally resilient you are at turning perceptual losses into intuitive wins to mange EQ and raise MQ.

Peak Performance 

How To Leverage The X-factor

How To Develop Your Relationship with Time, Control the Hormones of Stress, Upgrade your Well Being to Raise Personal Energy, and Promote a Peak Performance Leadership Lifestyle.

An Online Program and System Including Workbooks, Videos, Assessments, Learnings, Downloads and a Step by Step Implementation Guide to STOP You Being a Slave to Time, Stress Lack of Energy and False Expectations.

What You Think You Know About Time Management May Be Completely Outdated.

What You Think You Know About Stress Management and Personal Energy May Be Completely Insufficient.

What You Think You Know About Setting Experience Intentions Now, May Not Get You To Where You Want To Be In The Future.

Jeffrey Tan Snr. VP

"Novo's work was outstanding in transforming our team, while  providing great support."

Robert Cowan SE

"The best coaches in the country, working with top companies, have gained valuable tools and insights to enhance their effectiveness "

David Rodgers CEO

"Novo have been working with my management team on Leadership development. Without doubt the best money I have ever spent."

Duncan Tannahill Exec. Coach 

"The models, delivery materials and support systems are simply best in class."

Paula Murray MD

"An Incredibly Intense Fantastic Program! You'd be mad not to participate."

Craig Carlisle VP

"The most creative and knowledgeable professionals I have ever worked with"

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“The challenge for modern organisational Leaders is to build future orientated talent strategies based on science with investment into your most valuable asset, your people… Where leadership is about the ability to drive collective emotions in a positive direction supported by a humanised cultural-structure.”
NOVO Leadership

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Why We Do It


To elicit the inherent greatness that is within everyone we work with...

Igniting in every person a passion for self-discovery and lifelong fulfilment.

More About Us

We will be the company at the forefront of evolving academic and professional leadership and business education systems, laying the foundation for a global society dedicated to the principle of leadership as a personal vocation for everyone.

How We Do It

We blend science, experience and passion to explore the relationship between neuroscience and leadership to help organisations move beyond existing paradigms and achieve breakthrough results with a sustainable, future orientated organisational structure fit for Industry 4.0.

We partner with you to enhance effectiveness and develop a system for Self-Perpetuating Growth…

What's The Challenge? 

Personal Success In Any Endeavour Is Determined by 12.5% Knowledge and 87.5% By Your Ability To Deal With People

Stanford Research Institute 

With the average age of the first-time manager being 30, we have entered the age of millennial management; nearly 30% of Millennials hold managerial-level roles. Surveys from a variety of sources show that millennial managers value learning and growth experiences more than previous generations. They are also three times more likely than Baby Boomers to take responsibility for their own re-skilling, according to Upwork’s Future Workforce Report. Yet, they want training and development delivered in a new way. They expect mobile access to learning opportunities, anytime, anywhere. According to the Korn Ferry Institute, research shows Millennials learn more through online development than time spent in the classroom. 

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