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How To Increase Your Personal Success Effectiveness Zone

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At the very foundation of the human psyche is this simple fact:

🔥 The need to be congruent with who you identify yourself as in different situations. 

In order to have something like an amazing business, you need to develop the beliefs, values and identity of an amazing leader / business owner.

You need to assume the identity and 'BE' that amazing Leader / Business Owner NOW. To do this you need to develop a deep understanding and awareness of your Self Concept, and in our leadership programs we gratefully share the tools to re-develop it.

It was first developed when we were kids when I am sure most of us were told that if you DO stick in at school eventually you might HAVE a good job and eventually you may BE successful, therefore your Success equation may look like:


Through advancement in human psychology, quantum physics and neuroscience we now understand that we can be constrained by some limiting BEliefs and generally repeat the same patterns of behaviours as that person we identify ourselves as, that was for the most part programmed into our subconscious at an early age. Therefore we may redefine the success equation as:


Refer to The Success Paradox below to test how hard you are working on reprogramming your subconscious to identify as the Ideal, Authentic leader you need to 'BE' in order to maximize your success.

The truth is when you work harder on yourself than you do on your job, the job gets easier... At Novo Leadership we simply guide you along that journey to shorten the curve. 

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