Partner Introductions

Together these two leaders blend the latest scientific research with up to date, real world corporate working experience and corresponding years of advancement in proven leadership and change systems. They are dedicated, with a team of professionals and an expert scientific advisory panel, to delivering a holistic pathway to your future organizational design needs, and Industry 4.0… Changing corporations and business from the inside out and shifting Leadership Paradigms at all levels in human society.

Real Life Leadership Experience

  • Partners have 40+ years experience , including VP, SVP and C.O.O. positions across 5 Fortune 500 companies.
  • 10+ years developing award winning business and leadership development programs, with proven track record of success.
  • Successfully scaled and ran global organizations, responsible for $9Bn spend, full P&L, as well as 10,000+ people.
  • Demonstrated success across many cultures, experience of successfully opening new ventures across 5 continents.
  • Experience across Operations, P&L, Finance, Marketing, Engineering, H.R., Program Management, Commercial Management, Supply Chain, NPI
  • Experience in bringing new products to market and the challenges, from an operational perspective.
  • Proven coaching systems which has resulted in success for hundreds of businesses and business leaders.
  • Award winning Coaching and Leadership accolades.

Vocational Leadership Model©

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Vocational Leadership© from a Personal Perspective is to make it your lives vocation to be a better you for the higher purpose of serving others and the greater good.

Vocational Leadership© from a Team Perspective is to make it your teams vocation to create cascading micro cultures for the higher purpose of emotional collective experience.

Vocational Leadership© from an Organisational Perspective is to make it your organisations vocation to promote contribution and value for the higher purpose of creating a self fulling talent pipeline within a coaching culture.

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