Top 10 Recruitment & Interview Tips

How to Hire AAA Rated People

Switching jobs is a highly emotional decision, in fact every decision we make is emotionally driven, and then approved rationally in our minds. This knowledge, when used wisely and ethically, forms the basis of your recruitment marketing process.

To hire the right people; AAA rated people, you need a AAA rated system allowing you to Attract the best candidates through your creative marketing, so that collaboratively it becomes a case of mutual Approval, and building Anticipation to realise the very best of them.

  1. Attraction – (Marketing) One-way deselection process:

Don't simply tell them what the job title is; tell them how this opportunity will overcome the frustration that got them looking in the first place, and get them excited about their career again. Most importantly articulate who and why you should not apply.

  1. Approval – (Preparation and Interview) Two-way deselection process:
    • Your approval of them…Don’t tell them all about the job, what you expect of them and how they will fit it, and then as most untrained interviewers do, ask if they can do that or live up to that… They are going to say Yes! Prepare what you expect of them and the challenges they will face, and ask open questions that elicit answers… You will immediately begin to recognise as they deselect themselves.
    • Their approval of you… Don't simply tell them what the company does - tell them 'why' you do what you do, and review if they are deselecting themselves… Ask pertinent questions from which you and they can determine if they can live up to the company values, and review if you can get them excited about your company, its purpose, and its future.
  1. Anticipation – (Interview and Probationary Period)

Don't simply tell them what they will be doing when working for you; tell them what they will get out of working for you and gauge if they get excited about their own future.

“Recruitment is not a process where you select the best candidates, it is a process of allowing candidates to deselect themselves, until you are left with the best.”

Derek Mair


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In professional recruitment and assessment, you need to gain the most powerful insights into the driving forces behind a personality. NOVODISC Behavioural Profiling:

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80% of People are Hired on the basis of their skills and fired on the basis of their behaviours or values...

Bonus - Use a combination of these 5 questions during interview to determine a persons values and how they may fit with the company values, which by definition means you 'must have' your company values articulated as your validation criteria.

  1. What makes you feel strong?
  2. What exasperates you about others?
  3. What compliments do you shrug off?
  4. What personal challenges have you had to overcome?
  5. How would you like people to remember you?

During Interview there is one sign above all else that you must be attuned to look out for. It is thee quintessential behavioural characteristic that will set people apart from the rest and let you know that you are hiring the right person... I look forward to sharing it with you over a virtual coffee.

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