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“The more you focus on the resistances to change, the more resistance you create”.
Derek Mair

Video 1 - No. 1 Reason For Business Success

Find out how to apply focus to business fundamentals... 9 Mins


Video 2 - Keep It On The Plate

Find out how to differentiate your business from your competition... 6 Mins

Get Clarity Over Your Top Business Challenges - Take The Questionnaire Now

Video 3 - Having A Great Creative Strategic Plan

How to think through on paper the critical aspects of your business and analyse its performance... 8 Mins

Find Out About Running A Team Alignment Planning Session With Your Team



Bonus Video - The Coaching and Consulting Industry is Not Working

Find out Why AND about your Profit Multiplier System... 6 Mins


Stop Doing Business By Default & Start Doing It By Design... 

If you are an SME not yet in the millions turnover we have great online blended learning solutions with optional coach support available to you... Look at Solution 1 below.

If you are high growth established company ready to get to the next level, you can't afford NOT to be leveraging your people, technology, marketing, financial controls and your leadership... Look at Solution 2 below..


Solution 1

  • You are business owner aspiring to grow and maximise your leadership, team, profits, business and personal choice.
  • You have a growth business with a team and you one day want your business to run without you, or you have a lifestyle business as a sole trader and want better balance.

  • You work longer hours than your staff and take shorter holidays

  • You spend your day fire-fighting rather than developing your business

  • Cash flow is tight and/or profits are poor in relation to overall sales.

  • You find it hard to motivate yourself or your team, need to generate more enquiries and new leads.

  • It's hard to recruit, retain and motivate good quality staff, and business seems to break down when you're not around.

Solution - Business Freedom System 9.0

Solution 2

  • You are an established and successful business owner, who most likely has a team of directors or senior management running departments or divisions.

  • You have grown your company over several years and you are, quite rightly proud of what you have achieved.

  • Now it is time to get your time back, and you desire others around you to step up. A succession plan is a must to plan your exit strategy.

  • Or, you are simply still hungry to take your business to the next level, and have read lots about business growth development, though its not easy to pin point where to start, and the task seems perhaps a little overwhelming.

  • Your organisation cannot evolve beyond its current leaderships stage of development because consciously or unconsciously, your leaders can only put in place organisational structures, practices and cultures that correspond with their 'current' frames of reference.
  • There is no world class athlete or sports team who have taken their game to the next level without a great support team around them...

Solution - SME Non-Executive Directorship

Access To Your Free, Complimentary Profit Multiplier Online Program & System...

Is there an easy way to grow your profits that you can repeat time after time?

Yes, however most businesses simply focus on the outputs, those measurements that we can retrospectively review to see if what results we have achieved.

Within this mini online program and system, accessed through your own personal library, we will help you to focus on the inputs that create profitable outcomes. 

In Module 1 you will gain an understanding of Profit and Margin, PLUS... Learn how to read your P&L like and expert. 

In Module 2 you will learn the fundamentals to growing your businesses profitability. Those input areas that if you focus on, will skyrocket your profits!

In Module 3 you can download your Profit Multiplier System and add in your own business numbers. Simply measure theses number swill grow them by 10%, simply because you are focused on them and therefore ask questions.

In Module 4 we will share with you the steps you need to take to compound your return on profits and how to take your entire business to the next level through Business Academy.


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